Corcovado National Park tour highlights

  •  Pricing
  • Corcovado National Park Sirena - $110
  • Corcovado National Park San Pedrillo - $90
  •  Approximate timing & duration
  • Starts at 6:00AM
  • Duration: 7-8 hours

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We organize the Corcovado National Park tour with the best guides in the area, so you can have peace of mind during your stay at Drake Bay Getaway.

If you only do one tour while you are in Drake Bay, make it Corcovado National Park. This nationally protected area is one of Costa Rica's premier wildlife viewing destinations. The rainforest is home to over 140 species of mammals, 116 reptiles and over 400 kinds of birds.

The tour begins at 6am from Agujitas beach (Drake Bay beach), where a boat will take you along the spectacular coastline towards Corcovado National Park where you will delve into the jungle for your hike. The English and Spanish speaking tour guides undergo rigorous training and you will be amazed at what they can spot.

Endangered species such as the Bairds' Tapir, Scarlet Macaw, Three-toed Sloth, White-lipped Peccary, Great Harpy Eagle and even Jaguars all call Corcovado home. You may also encounter White-Faced Capuchin, Howler, Spider and Squirrel monkeys on this incredible hike.

There are two options for this tour:

San Pedrillo Ranger Station

San Pedrillo Rangers Station is the closest station to Drake Bay by boat (approximately 30 minutes). This tour includes a hike to a beautiful waterfall—perfect for a refreshing swim after your walk.

Sirena Ranger Station

Sirena Ranger Station is located in the deep, biologically intense center of the Corcovado National Park and takes about an hour and half to reach by boat from Drake Bay.

Both tour options include hiking in the jungle and walking along the coastline.

Things to bring along for this tour


   Hiking shoes
   Teva or water shoes for getting in and out of the boat
   Waterproof jacket or poncho
   Insect repellent
   Drinking water
   Waterproof bag
   Swimwear if visiting San Pedrillo

Tour price includes


   Park entrance fees
   Bilingual tour guide