Passive cooling by Drake Bay Getaway Resort Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

Passive Cooling


Typical dark colored roof will absorb 80% of the sunlight which is converted to heat. A typical white roof will absorb only 10% of sunlight. The rest is reflected away from the earth. This lowers the overall building temperature by around 20%. So, instead of being 90 degrees inside our cabin on a hot day, it will be closer to 75 degrees. This means less electricity wasted on fans and air conditioning.

Drake Bay Getaway Resort uses green resources for sustainability



At Drake Bay Getaway Resort, we are committed to sustainability and ecotourism. The amazing variety of animals in Drake Bay and the intense biodiversity of the jungle must be protected for future generations. We value nature as our most precious resource and thus our resort was built with the environment as a top priority.

Our septic system uses Bio Digester technology to treat both grey and black water in a completely environmentally friendly way. The system generates organic fertilizer for our garden.

Our cabins and restaurant are built using galvanised steel frames which are 90% recyclable and easy to remove without causing damage to the surrounding jungle. In addition, the teak wood used to construct our signature Drake Bay Cafe and eco-luxury cabins was acquired from a sustainable teak production source in Costa Rica.

In order to further minimize our impact to the environment, the majority of our trails are built using a solid adobe mixture of dirt, sand and grass. Cement was limited to only high-risk erosion areas and building access.

Other sustainable initiatives include solar water heating, solar powered clothes dryer, stainless steel straws, and our own greenhouse where we grow our own organic fruits and vegetables that utilizes our local compost in our gardens. We also use 100% biodegradable water bottles.

Road built by Drake Bay Getaway resort for the community


As residents of Drake Bay, we value and support the local community. Without the empowerment, participation and sustainable development of the community, Drake Bay could not maintain the friendly, laid-back and welcoming character that it is famous for.

One of the projects we are most proud of is the improvement of the road and walking trail nearby our property. In the past it was muddy, full of potholes and mostly impassable. Using only hand tools and manual work, we rebuilt a much needed trail that gives bridge-access to the Drake Bay community between the major hotels and the town.

Instead of using cement, we used an adobe mixture of dirt, sand and grass in order to improve its durability and resistance to heavy rain fall. Members of our community now have an easier trip to work or down to the beach for some leisure time.

Drake Bay Getaway Resort also offers free use of our café space as a meeting point for community groups, environmental organisations and schools. We provide free equipment use such as computers, projectors and screens as well.

Other community initiatives include our dedicated water well provided by a local spring at Drake Bay Getaway, which takes no water resources away from the local community; the first and only public butterfly garden in the Osa Peninsula; the support of local farmers by buying their products; and the support that we bring to the local tour operators by organizing all our tours through them.